Terminal codes


  • Terminal codes

Terminal codes:
Terminal codes are defined for electrical installations in motor vehicle technology. In this way confusion (eg abroad) can be avoided and it is faster to read in the diagram (2 digits instead of whole texts). These codes are laid down in the DIN 72552 standard.
Below is the table of the most common encodings:

Ignition coil, distributor
1 Low voltage
4 high voltage
7 Control contact
15 Switched plus (ignition lock output)
15a Switched plus after the series resistor of ignition coil and starter motor
Glow plug switch (diesel engines)
17 starten
19 glow
30 Plus of battery
31 Vehicle mass / battery negative terminal

electric motors

32 return line
33 Main connection
33b shunt field
33L Direction of rotation Left
33R Direction of rotation Right
Flasher unit (pulse generator)
49 Entrance
49a Exit
49b Output, second flasher relay
Starter motor
50 Starter motor control (direct)
50a Battery transfer relay output for starter motor control
Wiper motors
53 Wiper motor input (Plus)
53a Wiper (Plus) limit switch
53b Wiper, Shunt Winding
53c Electric Windshield Washer Pump
53e Wiper, Brake Winding
53 Wiper motor with permanent magnet and 3rd brush for higher speed
54 Brake lights
54G Rear fog light
L Indicators Left
R Indicators Right
55 Fog lights
56 headlights
56a High beam and indicator light
56b low beam
56d High beam signal
57a Parking lights
57L Parking lights Left
57R Parking Light Right
58L Lighting left
58R Lighting right, incl. contour and license plate lighting
C1, 2 & 3 Flashing light indicator 1, 2 & 3
Alternator and Voltage Regulator
61 Alternator indicator light
B+ Battery Plus
B- Battery Min
D+ Alternator Plus
D- Alternator Min
DF (1 & 2) Dynamo field (1 & 2)
U, V, W Three-phase DC
Sound equipment
75 Radio, Cigarette Lighter
76 Loudspeaker
NC and changeover contact switch:
81 Entrance
81a First Exit, Breaker
81b Second Exit, Breaker
82 Entrance
82a First exit
82b Second exit
82y Second entrance
82z First entrance
Multi-position switch:
83 Entrance
83a Output, position 1
83b Output, position 2
83L Exit, Left position
83R Exit, Right position
Switching relay
85 Relay negative side control current
86 Relay plus side control current
86a Winding start or first winding
86b Winding tap or second winding relay contact
87 Relay main power connection
87a Relay main power connection 2 (changeover or break relay)
88b Normally open contact
88 Relay contact input with NC and changeover contact
88a Normally closed contact 2
88b Normally open contact 2
88c Third exit
52 Trailer signal
54g Solenoid valves for trailer brakes
77 door signal
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