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  • Knuckle
  • ball joint

The stub axle (also called stub axle or stub axle) has an important task in the wheel suspension. It serves as a pivot point around the ball joint (on the underside of the steering knuckle) and the steering ball joint. The shock absorber is clamped at the top in the steering knuckle, so that it rotates with steering movements. The wheel bearing is also mounted in the knuckle. The picture shows part of the wheel suspension where the wheel bearing is mounted with 4 bolts, but a wheel bearing can also be pressed into the knuckle. There are then no bolts present and special pressing tools must be used for disassembly/assembly.

The image is of a steering knuckle of the front axle of a VW Golf (Mk 6).

Ball joint:
The knuckle in the picture is now seen from the other side (from the inside). The ball joint is mounted at the bottom. This is the connection between the lower wishbone of the undercarriage (where the triangular plate with nuts is mounted) and the steering knuckle itself. When steering is underway, the steering ball joint pulls or pushes the steering knuckle around its axis. This pivots around the ball joint and takes the shock absorber with it when turning. Defects in the ball joint can be caused by a torn dust cover, (hard) driving over thresholds or bumps in the road, or extreme loads in the wheel suspension (eg driving up curbs).