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  • Hardtop

hard top:
A hardtop is a metal or plastic roof that can be placed on convertibles or off-road vehicles. The roof is often painted in the color of the car. A hardtop ensures that the convertible can also be driven in winter, because these give the car the same property as a car with a fixed roof. A fabric roof is not always warm and is very noisy. The hardtop makes it almost identical to a “normal” car. When a hardtop roof has been dismantled, it can be stored in the shed, for example, after which the dust hood can be closed again.

The hardtop is a loose roof that can be mounted on an open car with the roof open by means of mounting clamps.When a hardtop is fitted, the convertible top is folded in the trunk. On more luxurious cars, a microswitch recognizes that the hardtop has been mounted, and the closing button of the convertible top is blocked.