By actuators we mean electrically controlled parts that perform a task on the basis of a control signal. This signal can come directly from a mechanical switch, indirectly through a relay circuit or through an ECU. An actuator can convert an electrical control signal into light (a lamp), sound (horn), movement (electric motor) or heat (auxiliary heating).

To avoid duplications on overview pages, the actuators with a specific function are included in the overview pages of comfort, security and access systems. The components with many applications that are not covered here are shown here. Example: we find the DC electric motor as a component in the electric window control (comfort), on the windscreen wiper mechanism (safety) and in the opening and closing mechanism of door locks (access).
The DC electric motor is described with its application on these three pages. The general operation of this type of electric motor, i.e. without application, is explained on its own page, which is included in this actuator overview page.

DC electric motor

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