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Vehicle types


  • Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • Station wagon
  • Convertible
  • Coupe
  • MPV
  • Off-road vehicle 

A hatchback has two or four doors with a tailgate that hinges above the rear window. The tailgate extends from the roof to the top of the rear bumper. The rear window and the boot lid form a single unit. If the car has doors and a tailgate, it is called a three- or a five-door.

A sedan has four doors and a separate trunk that is accessible through the trunk lid. The trunk lid extends from the top of the bumper to the rear window. The pivot point is located under the rear window.

Stations are often based on sedan and hatchback models. Stations have two or four doors and a tailgate. The tailgate is almost vertical. They have a large cargo area, which makes it better suited for transporting goods than sedans and hatchbacks.
Manufacturers often give their own name to a station, such as: touring, avant, estate.

A convertible is a car with a folding or folding hood. Sometimes a convertible also has a rollbar (fixed roof bar). The rollbar makes a convertible safer. Due to the lack of the roof construction, the bottom is more solid. In this way the body retains its sturdiness. The weight is therefore often slightly higher than when the same vehicle is designed as a coupé.

Chopped off:
A coupé has two or four doors and a roof that often slopes. As a result, there is less space in the rear seat, if equipped. A coupé can also be designed as a “two-seater”. 

MPI is an abbreviation of: Multi Purpose Vihicles. In general, MPVs are very spacious cars. They are taller and longer than sedans and station wagons. An MPV is always equipped with four doors, or a combination of doors and sliding door(s) and of course a tailgate.

Off-road vehicle:
Off-road vehicles are suitable for various purposes. They can drive on almost any terrain because they have a high-quality chassis and are often equipped with four-wheel drive. Off-road vehicles are nowadays built very comfortably and are therefore used more for leisure activities.