Project MegaSquirt – Land Rover series 2a engine

The MegaSquirt Land Rover project:
Between October 2016 and May 2017, the undersigned has carried out a project in which a classic engine is equipped with sensors and actuators, so that it is made fully functional through a computer-controlled engine management system. A so-called “MegaSquirt II ECU” is used for this. The motorcycle is mounted on a wheeled frame and is used for educational purposes. The data in the freely programmable engine management system can be adjusted with a laptop and the signals can be measured with an oscilloscope.

Not only the engine, but also the research and work that has been carried out are made available for education. That is why it has been decided to place the report on my website in this way. Interested parties who want to gain more insight into the operation of the engine management system, or those who also want to carry out such a project, can study this report. Due to the large format, the report is spread over six pages.


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