Project MegaSquirt – BMW M30B35 engine

The MegaSquirt BMW project:
Due to my particular interest in software and hardware of the MegaSquirt ECU and all attachments, I decided to prepare another engine in October 2018. The following goals have been set for this:

  • The motor is mounted on a frame; there is therefore no question of installation in a vehicle or sale.
  • The engine is used for education, so that it can be used in regular lessons and courses. After completion of the project, interested parties can enroll in a course covering everything about the programmable engine management system related to the BMW engine. Of course with a live demonstration with a running engine. Interested? Then keep an eye on this page or contact me via the guestbook or contact form.
  • A conversion from classical techniques to a computer-controlled system takes too much time. It is therefore more convenient for this project to replace an existing engine management system, making use of the sensors and actuators already present;
  • The engine from a BMW 535i e34 that we already owned has been found suitable for conversion. This example is in mint condition and has stood still for a number of years. Given the condition of the engine, overhaul is not necessary, but a thorough inspection and maintenance is, of course.
  • A dashboard with a fixed desktop computer with one or more screens is attached to the motorcycle frame. TunerStudio will be installed on this PC. One of the screens is used for the meters and the other to show or display the characteristics. to adjust.
  • All activities are described on this website; with each update the current page will be expanded.

Caution! The project is still in progress. At this time (April 2019) the engine has successfully started for the first time. Now it starts to get even more interesting; from now on the tuning will start. The pages shown below are therefore still being adjusted!

Engine and electrical installation

Top view of the engine during the build-up phase. The wiring still has to be hidden. Date: 24-04-2019.
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