• Dashboard

The word dashboard has an English meaning. It used to be the name of the raised front of a horse carriage or horse cart, which had to protect the coachman against mud and objects thrown up by the horse's hooves. Today, the dashboard is a large designed panel, in which all the necessary parts are fitted that come in handy while driving.

Disassembled dashboard with under the crossbar

Various (often electrical) parts are mounted in the dashboard, such as:

  • Instrument panel (with kilometer or mile counter).
  • Radio, sometimes with loudspeakers on the top or bottom of the dashboard.
  • Control unit of the air distribution valve / heating / air conditioning / stove motor.
  • Switches for eg rear window heating, lighting and seat heating.

Behind the dashboard, which you actually never see, are also mounted parts, such as:

  • A crossbar mounted between the A-pillars (from left to right) where the dashboard and steering column are attached
  • Steering column
  • Fuses and a relay block (often accessible through a hatch)
  • Wire Harness
  • Heater motor with ventilation ducts
  • Glovebox (Sometimes cooled via the air ducts from the heater motor)
  • Insulation to prevent engine noises (and therefore vibrations)
  • Airbags (these tear from the dashboard, so no caps that jump loose)
Car with the dashboard removed. The wiring harnesses and steering column are clearly visible
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