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Cruise control is an automatic speed controller or “cruise controller”. It's easy on a long drive. The cruise controller is an electronic system that regulates the fuel supply to the engine, among other things, so that the accelerator pedal is temporarily replaced.

Most systems also have the functions that the speed can be set electronically, the last set speed can be remembered, the maximum speed can be determined, the distance from the vehicle in front constant, etc. A certain speed can be locked with the switch of the cruise control, which allows the accelerator pedal to be released and the car maintains the same speed. As soon as the clutch or brake pedal is touched, the system is automatically switched off. Speeding violations can thus be easily prevented and consumption can be reduced because the car continues to drive at a constant speed.

The system is especially suitable for relatively flat roads. This is especially important, when the engine has insufficient horsepower and is driven up a hill with a load and the driver does not notice the speed to change to a lower gear, the engine will run too low, causing overheating as result and fuel consumption increases significantly. When descending, the system is able to accelerate less, but here too there are limitations. When the throttle by the system is at its minimum and the descent or the engine is of such a nature that the vehicle still goes faster and faster, a new problem arises. Operator intervention is necessary to prevent the engine from running above the maximum speed and causing damage.

The engine management system monitors the values ​​of the clutch and brake pedal sensors and the signals from the cruise control switch. The moment the engine management detects an incorrect sensor value, it ensures that the cruise control cannot be switched on. The moment the car is read out, the engine management system will indicate by means of a fault code which sensor is causing the malfunction.

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