Coolant pump


  • Coolant pump

Coolant pump:
The coolant pump (also called water pump) ensures that the coolant is transported through the engine block. The coolant pump must pump a large amount of coolant through small cooling channels, through the radiator, through the heater core and sometimes through the water-cooled turbo. Often the coolant pump is driven by the timing belt or by the v-ribbed belt. The pump of figure 1 is driven by the v-ribbed belt (the pulley has been removed) and the pump of figure 2 is driven by the timing belt (see the pulley with teeth). The paddle wheels are shown on the left side of both coolant pumps, which ensure the liquid displacement.

The image below shows the coolant pump under number 4. It is driven by the multi-belt. This technique is often used when the engine is driven by a timing chain. Some manufacturers choose to also use this with a timing belt. The advantage of this is that if the coolant pump starts to leak or jam, it will not damage the timing belt.

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