cardan shaft


  • cardan shaft

cardan shaft:
The cardan shaft is the (drive) shaft between the gearbox and the differential (cardan) at the rear. A cardan shaft is used with four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive and is mounted in the middle under the car, above the exhaust, from front to back. the bolts are through) to the box and the differential / cardan. In the middle of the cardan shaft is the support bearing with a universal joint. This support bearing is attached to the underside of the body of the car and the bearing ensures that the shaft can rotate without play. The universal joint ensures that a small difference in height between the gearbox and the cardan is possible (due to the suspension of the engine block in the engine mounts).
If the support bearing is mounted incorrectly (too much to the left or to the right) the cardan shaft will make an uneven movement, causing vibrations. This is because both axes are no longer in one line, but an angle has been created. It is therefore necessary to reassemble this support bearing in the old place, as straight as possible.

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