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  • Gateway

A number of different types of networks may be present in the vehicle, such as CAN-A and CAN-B at different speeds, LIN bus en MOST bus. These networks cannot simply be linked together. The light signals of the MOST bus can of course not be seen by the CAN bus and the two CAN bus networks cannot communicate with each other due to the speed difference.
Nevertheless, it is possible that the car can be read, whereby diagnostic equipment connects to the control units in all networks in the car. The gateway makes this possible. The gateway is also known as the “node” of all networks in the car. An example of this can be seen in the image below.

All networks are connected to the gateway. This translates, as it were, the information between the different networks. In this way all control units can still communicate with each other and the readout computer can connect to all networks. The OBD connection is therefore also connected to this. The readout computer can access all networks in the car via the gateway.

If a gateway does not function properly, the various networks in a vehicle can no longer communicate with each other, causing several functions to no longer work. ECUs that are normally “woken up” via the network remain disabled. A gateway that does not function or functions poorly can have the following causes:

  • nutrition and mass not in order;
  • clamping force of the plug on the pins in the gateway is insufficient;
  • the gateway is incorrectly encoded, or due to a software/hardware error the encoding has been erased;
  • the hardware in the gateway is damaged due to a moisture problem, overload or production problem.

The gateway should be coded after it has been replaced, or when control devices have been added. The latter often happens after installing a towbar with an original towbar control device. After coding, the control device in question is accepted into the network and the fault memory can be read with the readout equipment, live data can be viewed, actuators can be controlled, programmed, etc.

The bottom two images show a gateway (left) of an Audi and on the right the installation location (behind the glove compartment) of this gateway.

Gateway installation location