is a non-commercial educational car technology website which has grown since 2009 to a total of 360 pages about car technology.
The content is mainly focused on the theoretical functioning of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components that you find in classic, but especially in modern motor vehicles. The topics are explained to you as much as possible in an understandable way with the aid of images, diagrams and practical examples from the workplace or practical set-ups. All these pages are freely accessible and ad-free; this is what I want to be unique in with this site.

The website is ideal for reference work for students of automotive technology, commercial vehicle technology and mobile equipment at levels 2 to 4 and those who progress from HAVO/VWO to HBO mechanical engineering or automotive engineering. Not only students, but also technicians with extensive experience can refresh their knowledge here. Interested parties who do not have a technical background can get acquainted with the basic concepts of car technology here, in order to understand more about the operation of their own car or data on the workshop invoices. This makes the digital source of information about car technology!

Every month I publish new articles or update existing articles. In case of major changes, I will show this in the overview below with recent updates.

Do you have photos or (practical) examples from your own field that you would like to share on this website? Think of: unique photos of a disassembled part (which are not copyrighted by third parties), an experience you have gained in your career, or part of your own lesson? Please do not hesitate to contact me.
I will be happy to publish your input on the site, with of course a reference to you and/or the organization where you work. Note for the visitors who have enabled the English translation: the website was originally written in Dutch. I enabled the website translation in October and have been improving the translation on a weekly basis ever since. Have you seen translation errors and would you like to contribute to a well-translated website? I appreciate it if you contact me via the contact form. Thank you!

Most recent updates up to March 22, 2023

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